Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Strawberry Patch Silhouette Birthday Party

 This last weekend, I got the pleasure of helping out with the decor for my two nieces Birthday Party.
They are now 8 and 2. I came up with a Strawberry Patch theme for them. It was fun to pick out their silhouette images. The images were perfect and fit their personalities.

This was a swim party hosted by the girls great grandparents.
As you walk in there was a sweet party banner to greet the girls and guests.

There were two strawberry shortcakes for the girls. Each with it's own mini cake banner.
The strawberries and whip cream were on the side. It was about 100 degrees that day so no whip on the cake. It would have been a puddle of milk if left on the cake.

These cupcake's were a hit with the kids.
They were lined with a pretty tiffany blue gingham cupcake wrapper, bright white frosting and cute coordinating toppers.

Some toppers had the number 2 and some with the number 8.
Both silhouette images were mixed in and some with the text Have a "Berry" Happy Birthday!

There were a lot of kids and adults. It was a blast and the pool was filled!

The invitations set the tone for the decor.
This tiffany blue, red and touches of green, yellow and pink looked great together.

Sweet silhouettes looked just like the girls.

Coordinating return address labels to fit the theme.

My sister in law made some really yummy strawberry jam. She gave a jar to each family that came.
I fell in love with the linen fabric and bought some pinking shears to edge the fabric. It is my new favorite tool now! These tags popped next to the red jam and soft linen.

The tiffany blue napkins and plates went great with all the bright red.
Stick a few strawberries in a basket and a cute U PICK sign. The kids will eat them up!

It was a nice touch to have the invitation framed and placed on the table.
Baskets held the party favors with a cute coordinating bow.

These strawberry pints would fit perfect with the color scheme for the party.
They can be used for center pieces or on the food table to store berries and other food items.

These homemade strawberry cookies would be a great party favor or just to snack on at the party.
You can find these at The Talented Cookie

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam sandwiches were cut up for the kids.
My sister in law had the strawberry box leftover from the bulk strawberries.
It was perfect to stick the bags of chips in.
The extra linen fabric was a nice touch on the white table cloth.

The birthday girls had a blast and got so many presents.
It was so fun to see their smiles and celebrate their special day!

It was a "Berry" Special Birthday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage Cowboy and Indian Birthday Invitations

Cowboy's and Indian's are so much fun!
Have the kids come dressed up, set up a tppe, make some pretend bow and arrows, add a few feathers, fake furs, play cowboy guns, stick horses and you have yourself a Cowboy and Indian birthday party. The kids will have so much fun dressing up and playing like Little Warriors and Western Cowboys!
I have many cowboy and indian images available. You choose your own graphics and text.
Invitations can be purchased in my shop.

Other party items to come!