Saturday, March 3, 2012

Frog's snails and puppy dog tails...that's what little boys are made of

Custom Invitations featuring a boy with frog, a snail and puppy.
Custom text.

Sweet custom return address labels keep with the theme.

Frog snail and puppy dog tail goody bag tags.
Tie to a goody bag or have without hole punched
and stick to a cute small box or stick to a goody bag.

Custom party banner to greet guests.

8"x10" party sign to frame and display on party table or put on the front door.

You can use after the party and display in child's room or nursery.

Sweet note cards to thank your guests.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bowling Party

Let's Bowl!

Bowling Party for Dylan
She turned 3 and celebrated it in style!
Cosmic Bowling. Lot's of bright white and black lights. The kids had a blast.
In the party room Dylan's mom my dear friend Jen decorated a retro style bowling party!

Bowling Cupcake Toppers

Jen used empty Starbucks cold coffee jars to fill with fresh milk.
Her husband (yes husband) put the red tape on all of them.
They looked so cute and just like a bowling pin. They were a hit!

Dylan had custom Bowling Invitations made to invite her guests to a fun retro party!

Kid's also got their own cupcake with topper, bag of jelly beans (coordinating colors), juice box, ice cream and some super awesome treat bags.
I love how she tied the blue and white ribbon to the side of the bag.
It was so cute and each guest felt so special with all their little things.

Bowling Banner was strung up and added a nice touch to the party room!

Fun balloons were tied to each table.
It was so nice and bright and fun.
The bowling alley even had red retro chairs
A perfect fit!

Bowling Return Address Labels to add a bit of retro POP on the front of the envelopes

Cousins ready for the fun to start!

Jen made some super cute Bowling Ball Cake POPS
She used choc donuts and dotted the white frosting dots on the top.
Stuck in a stick, sealed with a cello bag and tied with a cute red bow.
She filled the clear vases with bright red, white and blue jelly beans.
It was so pretty on the table and held the cake pops in place perfect!

Bowling Tags decorated the fun filled treat bags given to each guest

Dylan loved her party and was all smiles!

Let's Bowl!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Laser Tag Party

Tag You're It!
We just celebrated my oldest son's 7th Birthday!
He wanted a Laser Tag party.
Totally not my typical design, but super fun to do and he loved it!

Custom Laser Tag Invitations set the tone for a super fun
"Tag you're It" Party!

These were so fun and bright!
I sprinkled the tops of the cupcakes with POP ROCKS
(a little fun surprise for the little party guests)
The expression on their faces was so funny!

Laser Tag Goody Bag Tags
These were fun for party guests.
I filled the clear cello bags with POP ROCKS, Silly String
and a Jumbo Blow POP.
The colors all went together and I tied it off with a cute little custom tag.

These POPPed on the envelopes and was fun to add a little custom detail to the envelope.
Kept guests guessing what was inside.

Birthday BOY Colby!
He was all smiles and had such a fun time.
We sure love the guy.

They looked pretty happy enjoying soda's, pizza and cupcakes!

Colby's little cousin enjoyed her Spicy (soda)

Colby's little brother and cousin enjoyed the play place slide!

All smiles!
They wore black so they won't get spotted in the dark laser tag room.

Super serious!

The kids had so much fun!

They even tried to laser the kids from a long distance!

Colby's Dad got to play too, but I think he got tagged from behind!

The Dad's were all in trawled with their score afterwards.
They had to compare their scores.

Ryan had to check his in private.

He got so many fun presents and felt so loved!

Tag You're It!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Racer Party

For all the little racer's out there!
Classic Blue and Red

Little Racer Party Banner
Customize with your lil' racers name!

Customized Little Racer Party Invitations
Clean . Cute . Simple

Custom Party Hats
Super fun for the kids and look so darn cute on the party table!

Little Racer Goody Bag Tags
Will POP on your goodie bags or boxes.
They add a little special something!
You can have the hole punched to tie on, or leave with no hole and adhere to a gift bag or box.

Little Racer Sticker Labels
Peel backing and stick!
Custom text!

Little Racer Cupcake Toppers
Custom text arching over sweet car image and large number for age.

Thank your guests with a sweet Little Racer Note Card!